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Instrumental Music

​Esk State School’s Instrumental Music Program operates as part of the Queensland State Schools Instrumental Music Program. It is a comprehensive tuition program in which students learn orchestral or band instruments. It provides an extra dimension to the school music program ensuring that educational outcomes are maximised for all students taking full account of individual circumstances such as their location, gender, socioeconomic situation, language and cultural background, and any impairment and special talents they may have. It provides the opportunity for musical development of students through instrumental instruction on a group basis and ensemble experience so that students develop ensemble performance skills as an integral part of their music education.
The program of instrumental music instruction is organised where possible to operate on a pyramid structure.  As such, Esk State School Instrumental Music Students would have access to continue their learning at Toogoolawah State High School.

Benefits of participation:
Music is of such incredible benefit to the growing mind. When learning music and a musical instrument, a student not only gains musical knowledge, but also additional skills such as:

          Creativity      Confidence     Problem solving     Perseverance     Focus

    Non-verbal communication     Receiving constructive feedback     Collaboration

    Dedication      Accountability     Fine motor skills and Coordination   Team work
  • Making Music

    Find out about the supply of instruments and music. Performance expectations and camping opportunities are also explored.

  • Program Structure

    Students in the Instrumental Music Program have two contact points.

  • Student Access

    Students in Years 4 - 6 are eligible to be considered for enrolment into the instrumental program.