Parent teacher communication


Communication is essential! The following help to keep the flow of information between us:

  1. Newsletters - are issued weekly on a Friday. They are an important source of information about current and planned events. Hard copies of the newsletters are sent home with the youngest child of the family. The newsletters can also be accessed from the website, the Qschools app, or emailed directly to you. They will often have other information attached that needs to go home e.g. invoices, bookclub etc. The school tries to limit sending home notes, using the newsletter as the key point of distribution.
  2. Phone calls - Never hesitate to give the school a call! The office is open from 8.15am. The school willingly makes contact to attend to student needs. Please note however, that teachers are not available to talk on the phone during class time, as teaching is their focus, but the office will take messages at any time and pass them on. This is a great way to let us know about illness, doctor appointments, travel arrangements etc. Teachers are also happy to ring parents to celebrate students' successes or issues.
  3. SMS – group texts are sent out from time to time from either the Principal's phone or the administrative line.  It's quick method to inform our community of important, urgent matters, or reminders. This method is also used to follow through on unexplained absences.
  4. Push notifications – used in a similar way as SMS – are sent through the school website. You will need to have the QSchools App to receive these, or regularly visit the school website.
  5. Parent/Teacher Interviews – We formally offer parent/teacher interviews at the beginning of term two and term four. There is a booking line - SOBS - available from the home page of the school website. However, parent/teacher discussions are on offer at any time. Teachers are more than willing to discuss your child's progress, and to hear about your concerns, issues etc. about your child. However, it is requested that parents make an appointment so that the teacher can dedicate the time and be prepared without being distracted from their teaching responsibilities, and can manage their own personal schedules.  We will contact you too, if there is something that we need to discuss, work through or celebrate.
  6. Progress reports (report cards) are issued at the end of each semester (end of term 2 and term 4). They are distributed on the last day of the term. If additional copies are needed, please let the office know. Should a student be absent on the day of report card distribution, the report will be posted to the family.
  7. Keep In Touch (KIT) books are used through the early phase of learning. It is a communication tool to promote a reliable method of managing home/ school messages about your child's learning progress, hiccups and successes.
  8. Social Media – The school does have a Facebook page. It is monitored, and the school appreciates healthy interaction on this site. Please understand that any misuse of social media will be referred to the appropriate authority.
  9. Q-Parents app – The app is freely available, but an invitation from the school will be required to launch it. As it gives access to private student information, a security process is required to set it up. This app will then give you access to student information, academic data, some behaviour records, etc. It will also support with payments and notification of absence.
  10. Parent Portal – The parent portal is designed for parents to be able to access classroom based materials through a secure portal. An invitation to join is sent via the school. 
Last reviewed 16 January 2020
Last updated 16 January 2020