Awards and achievement


With the launch of the annual Presentation Night in 2018, in consultation with staff, P&C and the Esk Community, the school's award system was established.

The awards reflect our school's values and behaviour expectations, and as such extend beyond academic achievement.

Liz Ward Memorial Trophy: Esk State School Champion Writer

In memory of Mrs Liz Ward who was a key member of the Brisbane Valley Writers and Reciters, this award is for the student who has demonstrated the best writing capabilities in the school.

Maths Master Award

Sponsored by The Grand Hotel

This award is present to a student who is demonstrating an outstanding level of achievement in mathematical inquiry and reasoning skills, for their age.

Musicianship Award

This award is presented to a student who demonstrates a high level of ability and participation in co-curricula music.

Sportsmanship Awards: Junior girl, Junior boy, Senior girl, Senior boy

This award is presented to the student in the category who has demonstrated good sportsmanship throughout the year. They have demonstrated a consistently positive style and attitude by showing respect for themselves, their team, their opponents and other officials, particularly in the sporting arena.

Mateship Awards

This award is not about friendship, nor is it an award about popularity. This award is about responsibility. About the demonstrated ability of the individual to take on being responsible for supporting others. The mateship award is presented to a student in each grade who has demonstrated their willingness:

  • to quietly support a fellow class member/s
  • to do the right thing even if it meant walking away
  • to encourage their fellow class members to make good decisions.
  • to be involved in the life and activities of the school.

Resilience Awards

The resilience award is presented to a student in each grade who has persistently demonstrated a growth mindset and the power of 'yet'. These recipients are learners who understand that learning may take some struggle and some failure but that with effort and perseverance they can, and do, succeed.

Gold Academic Awards

The Gold Academic Award (P-6) is presented to any student who - across all learning areas, and across the two semesters, achieves 80% at an 'A' level (or the equivalent), and no lower than a 'C'. There are no limits on how many can be awarded.

Silver Academic Awards

The Silver Academic Award (P-6) is presented to any student who – across all learning areas, and across the two semesters achieve 80% at an 'A' or 'B' level (or the equivalent), and no lower than a 'C'. 

Work Ethic Awards

Sponsored by Esk Vets

The Work Ethic Award (Y1-6) is determined according the effort rating that is on the student's report card. It is presented to any student who has obtained 80% A's for effort, and no lower than a 'C', across both semesters.

Attendance Excellence Award

Sponsored by Esk News

The Attendance Excellence Award is presented to students who have achieved 100% attendance across the school year. These students demonstrate the understanding that time lost from the classroom cannot be recaptured, and that deep learning is a cumulative process. This is the only award that comes with a monetary prize.

Last reviewed 16 January 2020
Last updated 16 January 2020